Comment Moderation Policy

Here at Living Realty Inc., we started this special news web site with two goals: to provide Toronto area property buyers and sellers with the best real estate information and updates, and to get them involved in thoughtful discussion on the subject via our commenting feature.

In order to keep that discussion respectful, on-topic, and open to those of all backgrounds and viewpoints, we will be moderating all comments posted on this site’s new content. That means your comment may spend some time in a moderation queue before it shows up on the site.

If you are wondering why your comment has not been published on this site, please refer to our official Comment Moderation Policy below and ensure that your comment is not in violation of any of the sections therein.

GTA Real Estate News – Official Comment Moderation Policy

Any and all comments left on this site, either in direct response to a post/page or to another comment, will be moderated and may be denied publication if the comment contains one or more of the following:

  • 1.       Abusive, disruptive or explicit content, or any content deemed to be unsuitable for a general audience, including:
    • a.       Use of foul language. Any comments containing “swear words,” either in full or in abbreviated form, will not be published.
    • b.      Use of terms or phrases that could reasonably be deemed offensive to specific groups or persons.
    • c.       Written material that could reasonably be perceived as an attack, without basis, targeting Living Realty Inc., any member of the company’s staff, or any affiliated real estate professionals. Constructive feedback is welcomed, but only if it fits the context of the discussion and is not deemed to be malicious.
    • d.      Responding to another commenter in a fashion that could be interpreted as rude, disrespectful, offensive, or in any other way resembling a personal attack – whether intentionally or unintentionally.
    • e.      Images or multimedia of an offensive, disturbing or sexually explicit nature – either within the comment itself or linked to by the commenter.
  • 2.       Potentially illegal content or content condoning/encouraging any illegal activity, including:
    • a.       Comments that encourage any reader, or link to materials which encourage any reader, to participate in any activity that might be considered in violation of Canadian, provincial, or international laws.
    • b.      Comments that constitute an infringement on copyright. This could include contents containing plagiarized comment text, images lacking sources, or any other work for which credit is not provided to the original author.
    • c.       Potentially defamatory statements, which could be considered untruthful or mistaken while also possible injurious to the reputation of another individual.
  • 3.       Contents written in any language other than English, French, and Chinese. We want to be as inclusive as possible, but Living Realty Inc.’s comment moderation team cannot review comments written in languages that we are unable to interpret.
  • 4.       Contents containing personal information. This can include any individual’s full real name, home address, telephone number, email address, financial information, or any other information considered private and sensitive. This applies to any and all such information, whether it applies to the commenter or to any other individual referred to within the comment.
  • 5.       Contents irrelevant to the topic of discussion, including (but not limited to):
    • a.       Advertising content or links to advertising content, inserted within the comment for the purposes of personal or financial gain.
    • b.      “Spam” comments, containing duplicate content and/or numerous links. Living Realty Inc.’s moderation team will enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards these types of comments.
    • c.       Comment contents that are not necessarily spam or advertisements, but discuss a topic that is irrelevant to the subject being discussed in the original post and in other comments. This includes links which direct the reader to irrelevant content.


In the vast majority of cases, comments that we prevent from being published will have contained content that fell into one of the categories above. While Living Realty Inc. aims to have an open and transparent dialogue with our readers, we do reserve the right to moderate (and possibly prevent publication of) any comments that may not necessarily fall into any of the above categories, but which we deem to be incompatible with the spirit of our commenting guidelines.

If you feel that your comment has been moderated incorrectly or wrongfully, or are wondering why your comment was prevented from showing up on the web site, please do not hesitate to contact us outlining your concerns and we will be sure to respond in a timely fashion.