What Your Bedroom Aesthetic Says About You

What Your Bedroom Aesthetic Says About You

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Great minds think alike, great rooms look alike. No two bedrooms are identical, but people with similar personalities may have a similar bedroom aesthetic. 

Your bedroom is a space where you are free to express yourself however you choose, and it often reflects your interests, emotions, ideas and more. A lot can be said about a person based on their individual space, whether you’re a person with sports trophies, or knickknacks and photographs scattered around, you probably have a lot in common with people who share a similar bedroom aesthetic to you.

Life of the Party

LED & Neon Lights people are usually the fun friend of the group. Everywhere they go is a party, whether they are running errands, or tidying the house, they are most likely the friend that is making the world their dance floor. 

There is also a big chance these people are most likely ambiverts – also known as an introverted extrovert. Although they love being around their friends and family, their high energy around other people may lead to them needing to recharge alone in their personal space. 

Sentimental Romantic

People whose rooms are filled with knick-knacks, posters, and polaroid photos are usually sentimental. They romanticize everything from walking in the rain, to their morning coffees. They often have objects lying around their room that they don’t necessarily like or use, just because someone they love gave it to them. 

They are the type of people who care deeply about their friends, and family. They make sure to always say happy birthday to their middle school best friend that they haven’t seen in years, and when they love someone, they love them with all their heart. 

Down to Earth

People who are down to earth usually have an earthy vibe going on in their room. They may have hanging plants, and beige-toned furniture, with light coloured walls. These people are usually reliable friends or family members, but they also know how to set boundaries and stick to them, so their kindness is not taken advantage of.

Pops of Pink

If your room is adorned with pops of pink, you’re likely a delicate person in the best way possible. Your mom holds a special place in your heart, and the joy of making pancakes every Sunday morning is a ritual you cherish. 

The love for your own space is evident, and you find comfort in the routines of both morning and bedtime rituals that you follow meticulously every day. Your room is a sanctuary, reflecting the grace and tenderness that defines your character.


For those with jerseys on the wall and a trophy-dedicated shelf, it’s clear that you not only love sports but embody the spirit of a goal-setter and go-getter. Early riser, even on weekends, you can’t sit still for too long. 

Friendliness is your forte, as you effortlessly befriend everyone you meet. Your room mirrors the active, achievement-driven lifestyle you lead, showcasing your dedication to sports and a relentless pursuit of success.


If you have a minimalist bedroom aesthetic, you are undoubtedly the envy of many. Your organized life extends from your sleek hair to your successful career. Avocado toast is likely a favorite, and as a dog mom, you find solace in podcasts during leisurely walks with your furry companion. 

Your room, with its simplicity and order, reflects a life meticulously arranged, showcasing your appreciation for the essentials and a desire for uncluttered perfection.

Your bedroom aesthetic serves as a unique canvas that paints a vivid picture of your personality, interests, and emotions. Whether you’re surrounded by the vibrant glow of LED and neon lights, immersed in sentimental treasures that tell stories of love and connection, or embracing an earthy vibe with down-to-earth simplicity, your personal space is a reflection of who you are. 

The next time you find yourself in a friend’s bedroom, take a moment to appreciate the details – you might just discover the fascinating similarities that connect kindred spirits through the language of your bedroom aesthetic. After all, your bedroom is more than just a room; it’s a manifestation of your individuality in the tapestry of life.

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