Styling Studio Apartment

Tips for Styling Your Studio Apartment

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Want to make your studio apartment stand out? In need of inspiration for your home? Here’s our guide for styling your studio apartment and making the most of your space.

The aesthetically pleasing era has become a byproduct of the digital era, as social media has young homeowners and renters eager to curate an interior design worthy of being posted on the gram or TikTok.

Studio apartments are probably the most difficult of apartments to style, as you have to make multiple spaces out of one. However, by styling your studio apartment correctly, not only will you be able to effectively divide your spaces, but you can also create a visually appealing homey ambiance, with the illusion of a larger space.

With that being said, here are a few tips and tricks for styling your studio apartment and making it visually appealing while also maximizing your space.

Dividing Spaces

Yes, you can opt for an actual divider, but dividers are NOT the only way to partition your room. Unless you are seeking privacy in one section of your flat, gearing towards different methods of separation may be more efficient for a smaller space.

An aesthetically pleasing way to create a divide is double-sided bookshelves. Not only will they separate one space from another, but they’re also a great way to add more storage to your smaller unit. 

If you love greenery, hanging planters are a great way to separate one space from another, giving each space a visual divide.

This is not a new trick of the trade, as interior designers have been suggesting this for generations, but different rugs make it easy to accentuate different zones of your studio. Simply placing a rug underneath your bed, under your sofa and coffee table, and in the entryway of your apartment will give a feel of a different room despite the lack of walls.

Maximizing Space

Finding dual-purpose items and furniture can relieve your small space of over-clutter. Rather than storing boxes and bins under your bed, a storage bed is a great way to optimize space in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Another piece of furniture that may double as a place to store items is storage ottomans; perfect for the entryway of your studio or as a footrest in your living room area.

Creating a Larger Illusion

This is the perfect way to make a home feel bigger than it actually is. It’s important to stay away from darker-colored furniture and walls and opt for lighter shades such as white, cream, or beige. Another great way to trick the eye is by hanging mirrors around the house. Mirrors widen the space through their reflection, whether it’s a standing mirror on the floor or a hanging mirror on the wall – fitting in mirrors where you can will definitely open up any room.

Styling your studio apartment, creating a larger illusion

By employing these tips and tricks while styling  your studio apartment, not only will you be able to enhance functionality within a limited space, but you will create an aesthetically pleasing and visually expansive studio apartment.

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