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What To Do with your Beloved Christmas Decorations Now that the Holidays are Over

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Are you wonder what to do with your Beloved Christmas decorations now that the holidays are over? We have just closed the chapter on Christmas of 2023, which means you will be taking down your holiday décor in the near future. What goes up must come down, so whether or not you like to leave Christmas lights up until January or February, soon enough you will be trying to figure out what to do with this year’s decorations. If you’re the type of person to create a new holiday theme every winter season, chances are you may not be storing all your décor from this season.

Here are 4 things you can do with your beloved Christmas decorations:

1. Donate it!

Just because the season of giving has come to an end does not mean you should write off the act of kindness. There are multiple organizations that would like to take in your holiday décor, from local thrift shops or maybe even community centers. Before tossing your once beloved décor in the trash, look into what organization may be sourcing out used holiday decorations.

2. Hand it over to a friend

You may be done with pink Christmas, or whichever theme you decided to choose,  but your best friend may not! Maybe you have a bestie or relative that absolutely adored your holiday theme of the season and would like to create a similar inspired look for Christmas 2024! Ask around before trashing your pink ornaments and bows! You never know who would love to grab them.

3. Recycle

Can’t find someone to donate your décor to? Make sure to carefully sort through each item and recycle! Our planet will thank you.

4. Expensive Ornaments? Maybe you can resell them!

Maybe you spent a little too much on an ornament that you no longer care to use! Hop on to Kijiji or Poshmark and start selling. You never know who may be interested in making a purchase.

Don’t throw out your once beloved Christmas decorations!

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!” So, before dumping away this year’s holiday décor, try sourcing out a more planet-friendly way to get out with the old and in with the new! Our spirit of giving does not have to end with the holidays. Whether you decide to donate, give to a friend, recycle, or resell this year’s decor, finding a new home for your Christmas decorations is a sure way to make someone new happy, as well as Mother Nature.

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