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Why Become a Real Estate Agent

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Are you wondering if you should become a real estate agent? If you are looking to start a career or considering a career change, becoming a real estate agent may be the right choice for you! The path to becoming a real estate agent is much faster than other career options. If you have an “eat what you kill” mentality, and you are looking for great earning potential, this may be the career for you!

Here are some of the top reasons you might want to become a real estate agent:

1) You Are Your Own Boss

If you love running on your own time and having the potential to make big money, becoming a real estate agent is definitely for you. Real estate agents create their own work schedules, allowing you to run on your terms. Keep in mind, though, that managing your own work also requires great discipline.

2) Fast Path compared to starting other Careers

Unlike other career paths, such as becoming a doctor or lawyer or building your way up to the top through business endeavors, becoming a real estate agent is a relatively quick and straight forward path. For example, becoming a registered real estate agent in Ontario takes about 9-18 months of training, depending on the amount of hours you can commit to. If you want to know the exact steps, take a look at our guide on how to become a registered real estate agent in Ontario

3) Real Estate Earning Potential

When you become a real-estate agent you earn money by helping your clients buy, sell and rent properties, earning a commission with each deal. Although it can take time to establish yourself in the market, the earning  potential once you do is almost unlimited. However, you must also take into account your costs, such as marketing, which will affect your bottom line.

4) Job Satisfaction through assisting others

Being a real estate agent means you get to assist others in finding their dream homes and help  buyers and sellers navigate through potentially one of the greatest decisions of their life. Seeing a smile on your clients’ faces and knowing you have succeeded in assisting them through this tough journey makes for a satisfying career.

5) Constant Change

Working in real estate as a sales person means there is constant change. Many people hate the repetitiveness of a desk job; if that is you, being a real estate agent is a perfect option to consider when seeking out a career path. Real estate agents are always on the go, visiting new houses, meeting with clients and other work professionals. No two days are the same in the real estate world!

6) Motivates You to Work Hard

As I mentioned earlier, being a real estate agent means you eat what you kill. Therefore, closing a sale motivates you to work harder. If you’re the kind of person who likes to push yourself, then this could well be the career for you.

Become a Realtor

You may hear the term realtor a lot, but what exactly is a realtor? In Canada, a realtor is a registered real estate salesperson or broker who is registered with the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Although all realtors are real estate agents/brokers, not all agents are realtors! 

If being a real estate agent seems like the career path for you, you should also consider registering with CREA to become a realtor! Becoming a realtor may attract more clients to work with you, as realtors hold a greater wealth of knowledge, are considered experts in the real estate industry, have access to tools and resources that unregistered agents do not, and are often more trustworthy as they must abide by CREA’s code of ethics. Realtors are expert agents and brokers, so the term acts like a badge of excellence that will help you to market yourself.

There are numerous reasons to consider diving into the real estate industry! If you are someone who is motivated by an “achieve then receive” work environment, love working in ever-changing settings, and you’re looking for a fast path towards a new career, the decision to become a real estate agent may be the right choice for you!

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