how to save money on cleaning supplies

How to Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

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Are you looking for ways to reduce the costs around your home? Here is how to save money on cleaning supplies! 

As the cost of living continues to rise, finding ways to cut down on expenses is becoming more crucial for many people. One area where savings can be achieved is by avoiding unnecessary expenditures on branded cleaning supplies. Avoiding outrageous prices for cleaning supplies is a great way to set aside funds for other crucial expenses. If you’re keen on budgeting, grab a pen and paper because you’ll want to jot down these practical tips and tricks on how to save money on cleaning supplies! 

4 Ways to Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner

One effective way to save money on cleaning supplies is by making your own all-purpose cleaner. Not only does this strategy save money, but it also conserves space in your home. Instead of cluttering your shelves with various cleaners, you can create a single, versatile solution that works on multiple surfaces.

The recipe for an all-purpose cleaner is simple and likely involves items you already have at home: one cup of water, one cup of white vinegar, half a lemon, and about 15 drops of essential oil. This natural concoction ensures a sanitary living space while leaving your home smelling fresh and pleasant.

Say Good-Bye to Paper Towels

Another practical tip is to cut down on the use of paper towels. Relying on paper towels to clean up messes can be a costly habit. Instead of buying multiple rolls month after month, consider using hand towels and rags. 

Not only are these alternatives more absorbent than paper towels, they also represent a more environmentally friendly option. Making this switch not only saves you money but also contributes to a greener lifestyle.

Make-Shift Toilet Bowl Cleaner

When it comes to toilet cleaning, there’s no need to spend money on expensive toilet bowl cleaners. You can utilize common household items, such as baking soda or even Coca-Cola, to get the job done. Simply add a tablespoon of baking soda to your toilet bowl, grab a pair of gloves and a toilet scrubber, and scrub away before flushing. This cost-effective and DIY approach ensures that your toilet stays clean without breaking the bank.

Toothbrush? Or Keyboard Cleaner?

For those who’ve found themselves munching on a sandwich during a hectic workday and accidentally sharing it with their keyboard, there’s a thrifty solution. Instead of investing in specialized keyboard cleaners, grab a toothbrush. The small bristles of a toothbrush are perfect for reaching between the keys and removing those pesky crumbs and debris. This not only saves you money but also repurposes an everyday item for a task that might have otherwise required a specific cleaning product.

Saving money on cleaning supplies is not only possible but also quite practical. By making your own all-purpose cleaner, reducing your dependence on paper towels, and utilizing common household items for specific cleaning tasks, you can keep your living space clean without draining your wallet. These simple and cost-effective strategies not only contribute to financial savings but also promote a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to household cleanliness.

In a world where every penny counts, adopting these money-saving tips on cleaning supplies ensures that you’re not only keeping your home tidy but also making smart financial choices. So, next time you reach for that branded cleaner, consider the alternatives and watch the savings add up!

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