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Spring into 2014 with Eco-Friendly Purchases

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Ontario Power Authority’s “saveONenergy” coupon program offers April savings for green home investments

GREATER TORONTO – With the weather warming and spring cleaning efforts likely underway, April is a popular time for homeowners to look at ways they can boost their energy efficiency and become more eco-firendly at home. After all, you’ll be calling that air conditioner unit back into action before you know it!

Luckily, the Ontario Power Authority’s SaveONenergy program is stepping up to make green improvements a little bit easier. From now until Sunday, April 27, the initiative is providing homeowners with free instant rebate coupons for an impressive array of contemporary home improvement purchases that will help you boost efficiency at home – and, in some cases, even the value of your property.

The complete list of coupon-redeemable eco-firendly purchases even includes a few smart (and inexpensive!) investments that you might not have previously thought to look into. Here are a few of our favourites for 2014:

  • ENERGY STAR-qualified light fixtures and ceiling fans ($310 in savings). As a homeowner, high-quality fixtures are one of the smartest purchases you can make, because these can often be included in the eventual sale of your home – saving you some work during the move, and potentially boosting your profit. Designed specifically for CFL bulbs, ENERGY STAR-certified fixtures also distribute light more evenly and use roughly ¼ of the power required by traditional fixtures.
  • Lighting dimmers, timers and motion-sensors – indoor ($36 in savings). Dimmers have a couple of advantages – they help you save energy by only using the level of light you need, and they can really help to set the eco-firendly tone for a great open house or viewing. Timers and motion-sensors are great ways to ensure that less-used rooms of your home – such as guest washrooms or the basement workshop – are not sucking up energy when you’re not in them.
  • Heavy-duty outdoor plug-in timers ($4 in savings). If you’ve got energy-efficient outdoor lighting installed, it will also pay off to invest in a sturdy plug-in timer. These eco-firendly options can be set to activate the current at dusk, for example, and run for a set amount of time before shutting off automatically. These are a great tool for boosting your curb appeal during evening hours, without breaking the bank.

For buying tips and a detailed look at the benefits of energy-efficient home purchases, take a look at saveONenergy’s free Consumer Tips & Product Knowledge fact sheet.

Across the GTA, many different retailers are participating in this limited-time coupon program, including trusted names like Canadian Tire, the Home Depot, Home Hardware, Lowe’s, Rona and more. Toronto, Mississauga, and York Region each offer a wide selection of participating locations to choose from, so you should be able to redeem the coupons without travelling too far from your own front door.

Looking for some more eco-friendly inspiration to kick off the first round of spring home improvements? Check out the previous installments of our Green Home Series for money-saving tips on air conditioners, water tanks, insulation, and more.

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