4 Ways to Retain Your Best Agents: Part 1

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Attracting new talent to your firm is likely one of your top priorities, but what are agents really looking for from their brokerage? Instead of driving yourself crazy trying to be a mind-reader, we went straight to the source and found out what these agents on Reddit would want from their ideal firm. We then reached out to Kelvin Wong, Broker of Record at Living Realty, to weigh in about how the brokerage measures up with what real estate agents are saying they want.

It all came down to four main criteria: training, support, quality leads and resources. Read on for Part One!


Easy access to a wide variety of training, but not requiring it.” —Reddit User: VelocifoxDigital

“Definitely offer training in one way or another. You don’t have to go all Keller Williams on your agents, but having like ten classes every month could make all the difference. Make sure to also include training experienced agents will appreciate, such as specialist classes on how to negotiate, how to price and sell luxury homes, etc.” —Reddit User: Notris

“We did have a bi-weekly meeting dedicated to training which I paid for. We met in restaurants that would welcome a two-hour meeting in the back corner in exchange for a few breakfast orders and a nice tip. Most meeting had an invitee to talk about their services for 10 minutes and a free breakfast. Then we would focus on usually a single topic. Most of the time I presented, sometimes agents would do a book report or talk on some other topic. End of each year we all had 25 or so useful and meaningful bits of information that made us all better agents.” — Reddit User: SyntheticOne

“Great training programs that aren’t broker centered.” —-Reddit User: Dennydotco

At Living we provide New Agent Training every six months, which are eight two-hour-long seminar courses over two months, one seminar per week.  Each course is hosted by a senior manager or industry leading professional and covers everything from how to get listings, assignment translations, commercial real estate basics, to technology like how to use maximize the use of MLS and social media marketing. In between these training course we offer one ‘Power Session’ per month which is a two to three-hour seminar covering a wide range of topics relevant to today’s market…We cover important things like FINTRAC rules and regulations, Tarion New Home Warranty, updates to legislation and market, mortgages, etc.

– Kelvin


“A good lawyer readily available. Experience in difficult negotiations. Advice on managing deals that go bad in escrow.” — Reddit User: red2wedge

“Actually be available for your agents. Nothing beats broker support, except for a good mentor.” — Reddit User: myreadyrealtor

“Definitely need to be able to offer good advice in tough situations.” — Reddit User: ktblue22

“No micro management and have my back in a fight; when we both have knives I want you there with the gun.” —Reddit User: ViridianLens

“Know how to get a LOT of business closed. Have a great number of transactions, each and every year, under your belt. Be able to be a mentor.” — Reddit User: ORDub

Living Realty has two in-house legal counsels; however, it should be caveated that they only provide advice on behalf of the Company and NOT for the client.  But it is helpful for agents to understand their personal agency obligations towards their clients, the public and the company.  They are also available to help interpret legislation governing our industry, some of which is very new.  Our Managers are their direct mentors and are available directly to the agents at all times. If the agent cannot reach their own Branch Manager for some reason, they are always free to contact another Manager or myself directly for support.  There are 5 Branch Managers, one assistant branch manager, two VPs and myself, the Broker of Record, so absolutely someone will be available to help!

– Kelvin

Is your curiosity piqued yet? Stay tuned next week for Part Two!

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