What Your Living Room Aesthetic Says About You

What Your Living Room Aesthetic Says About You

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Your living room aesthetic reflects your personality, as it is where you put your best face forward. In contrast, your bedroom aesthetic is a reflection of your inner self, serving as your own personal space. The face you choose to show to the world still says a lot about how you like to be perceived and who you are as a person.

This is what your living room aesthetic has to say about you: 


Earthy tones, wood furniture, lots of plants. If your room is filled with things like this, it probably means you’re down to earth, you care about the environment, and you are overall a very clean person.  You are responsible, remembering to water your plants and drink at least 2 gallons of water everyday. Although you are clean, you are still relaxed about a little mess here and there, since you know anything can be cleaned up.

Smart Living Room

If you have a smart living room, you are probably someone who is always with the times, and you will probably stay with the times even when you reach old age. You always have the latest technology, and maybe even incorporate coding into your career. You like to spend your weekends in the comfort of your own smart home!  You also prefer reading off your kindle rather than a hard copy book!

Bright Colours and Accent Furniture

You are genuinely a fun person, and you are too busy being yourself to care about the opinions of others. You are most likely an extrovert who needs time with your loved ones to recharge. You excel at juggling all aspects of your life, from your social life to your work life. You love hosting guests, whether it’s for dinner parties or a movie night, but you also relish a fun night out.


Just like people with an earthy aesthetic, you are likely an exceptionally clean person. Unlike those with an earthy disposition, not only are you clean, but all aspects of your life are highly organized. Occasionally, this may result in difficulty going with the flow, but it doesn’t significantly impact you, as your life suits you well. You also enjoy hosting dinner guests and alter your living room décor to align with each season. While you have multiple friend groups, you prefer to keep them separate and not mix them together.

Dark Wood

If your living room aesthetic includes dark wood floors and furniture, you are probably an old soul and hard worker. You enjoy the simple things in life, like your morning coffee and afternoon naps. Your perfect night in is cozying up by the fireplace with a warm drink and a good book. You probably don’t host often, as you like to spend your time off from work alone, but when you do host it is always a good time!

Pops of Pink

If your living room has one neutral toned colour or shade with added elements of pink, you are living for yourself and only yourself. Chances are your best friend tried to talk you out of this aesthetic claiming “it’s not for everyone’ or “why don’t you just decorate your room pink” but you disregarded their opinion, and did you – as you always do!

Your living room aesthetic serves as a unique work of art, creating a vivid picture of your personality, interests, and emotions. Whether you’re immersed in bright coloured furniture, earthy tones, or walking the grounds of dark wood, your living room is both a reflection of who you are and how you want the world to see you.

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