2024 Bedroom Décor Trends

2024 Bedroom Décor Trends

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The new year has just begun, and there are many 2024 bedroom decor trends to love! Whether you recently moved, or you are simply looking to start your new year off with a new bedroom design, there are many ways to create a fresh new look for your bedroom this year, with an aesthetic that suits you! Your room is a reflection of who you are, therefore your room should reflect the new 2024 you!

Top 2024 Bedroom Decor Trends:

2024 Bedroom Decor Trends

Texture & Colour:

If you like your room to have a pop to it, adding layers of texture and colour may be your go-to room design of this year. You can play with different patterns and colors to create a unique bedroom aesthetic that is personalized to your taste. There are many different way to incorporate texture, whether its texturized walls, blankets or throw pillow cases! Feel free to opt for obscure art pieces while you are at it!

Mismatched Furniture:

We are leaving bedroom sets in 2023, although, hopefully, most of you left them in 2022! Opting for mismatched furniture adds uniqueness to your bedroom that no other room will have. Finding furniture pieces that suit your style will create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

All-Over Print:

This can also be added to your texture & color décor, but all-over prints in a classic-styled bedroom are coming back this year. Many people are picking up floral-patterned wallpaper this January, with décor that has a hint of Victorian to it.

Multifunctional Furniture:

This surge in popularity highlights a practical and stylish approach to interior design, where every piece serves a dual purpose. In the dynamic landscape of 2024, multifunctional furniture emerges as a key solution, offering not just space optimization but also an aesthetic synergy that resonates with the modern dweller’s lifestyle.

Curved Edges:

The prevailing trend of curved-edged furniture, from mirrors to couches and beds, has gained remarkable momentum since its inception in 2023 and is set to flourish even further in 2024. Embracing organic shapes, these furnishings infuse spaces with a harmonious and contemporary design aesthetic.

Pops of Colour:

This trend of neutral-themed homes with a singular vibrant accent color continues to gain traction. Whether it’s a daring pink, serene purple, lively green, or calming blue, this selective burst of color introduces vibrancy, keeping the overall aesthetic sophisticated, yet lively and energizing.


If you love gadgets and gizmos like the Little Mermaid, the maximalist aesthetic may be for you! This doesn’t have to mean useless clutter like the box of wires you are never going to use, but adding niche collectibles such as rose-shaped candles or dainty jewelry boxes. You can purchase anything that matches your aesthetic. The maximalist trend is for sure one of the cuter trends, as long as you keep all your stuff cute and organized.


For those drawn to the allure of a clean, minimalist aesthetic, the key lies in embracing neutral tones and uncomplicated decor. Let simplicity reign with understated elegance, creating a serene and uncluttered space.

In conclusion, as you embark on transforming your bedroom in 2024, remember that it’s all about expressing your personal style. 

Whether you opt for the vibrant play of textures and colors, embrace the elegance of mismatched furniture, or follow the resurgence of classic all-over prints, make it uniquely yours. 

The trend towards multifunctional furniture, curved edges, pops of color, and the contrasting styles of maximalism and minimalism offer a spectrum of choices to suit diverse preferences. Whichever path you choose, let your bedroom aesthetic reflect the comfort and individuality that make it your personal haven in the coming year. Here’s to a stylish and cozy 2024!

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