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Open Kitchen: Apple Cheddar Naanwiches

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MARKHAM – One of the biggest challenges for any home seller – especially in a competitive housing market like Markham, Mississauga or downtown Toronto – is how to make a great impression when it’s time to host an open house.

Often, one of the best ways to win over a buyer is to set out simple, delicious snack-size food with a selection of drinks. After all, your open house may be the third they visit that day! Plus, you want buyers to picture your home as a place where they can be comfortable.

Open Kitchen will be a recurring feature on our site highlighting our favourite recipes for real estate showings. We guarantee each recipe will be easy to make, safe to leave out, and – most importantly – satisfying to munch on.

Apple Cheddar Naanwiches


  • 250g thinly sliced turkey breast.
  • 4 pieces Indian-style naan flatbread (Blue Menu makes a good one). Pro Tip: You can also substitute out naan flatbread for fresh focaccia (pictured above) or pita bread.
  • 300g mild cheddar cheese (regular or marble).
  • 2 Macintosh apples (or alternative red apple).
  • 1 package sandwich toothpicks.


Wash hands and put on some clean, disposable plastic gloves before handling any of the food – remember, you will be serving it to strangers.

Unfold the sliced turkey and cut it into portions roughly two inches by two inches. Cut the cheddar into generous slices – if using a large, rectangular cheese block, you will be applying two of these vertical slices to each “naanwich.” Rinse the apples in the sink and slice each one into slices roughly ½ cm thick. Larger slices (near the middle of the apple) should be halved.

Lastly, take the naan bread and, using a large bread knife, cut each piece (“grid” style) into two-inch-by-two-inch squares just a fraction larger than the turkey portions you’ve already cut.


Get a sizable baking tray and set out one of the mini naan squares you’ve created. Stack one turkey portion, one slice of cheddar, and one slice of apple on top of the bread. Top it off with another naan square. Repeat continuously – filling up the baking tray – until you’ve used all of one of the ingredients.


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once that’s finished, place the baking sheet on the middle tray. Keep a very close eye on the naanwiches – you will want to remove them as soon as the cheese has melted a bit and the bread has become toasty.


Again wearing plastic gloves, poke a sandwich toothpick down through the middle of each naanwich. Set the naanwiches out on an attractive platter – simple and unflashy ceramics are the way to go. You’re all set to serve!

Pro Tip: You can time this so that the naanwiches are still fresh and tasty by the time open house guests arrive – just prepare all the ingredient stacks ahead of time (store covered in fridge), then proceed to the baking stage a couple hours before your open house begins. Make sure you clean and put away the baking tray!

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