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Household Survey reveals City of Markham is Canada’s Most Multicultural Community

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MARKHAM – The City of Markham is coming into its own as a true champion of cultural diversity, with 72.3 per cent of the city’s population coming from visible minorities, as reported in Statistic’s Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey.

A Toronto Star feature on the town’s Survey results also revealed that 52.9 per cent of the city’s population are members of the Chinese community and 26.4 per cent are South Asian. Reflective of substantial increases since 2006, these figures are strong indicators that Markham’s multicultural makeup is continuing to diversify well into the 21st century.

Many factors go into making Markham a welcoming place for immigrants, Markham City Councillor Joe Li told The Star, but one of the biggest ones is the reflective nature of the City Council itself – which boasts three members of Chinese heritage and one Sri Lankan councillor.

There are also many organizations that help build strong cultural networks within the city, including:

The town also features bilingual English and Chinese signage in various areas, making it easy and comfortable for Chinese-Canadian residents – and relatives or visitors from overseas – to find their way around.

These numbers will come as no surprise to the real estate professionals at Living Realty, a brokerage that set out more than 30 years ago with a core objective of helping multicultural home buyers find their dream property in Markham.

Today, our brokerage boasts a diverse cultural team and is pleased to offer services in several languages.

“Living Realty has three branch offices in Markham, and we are always looking to help multicultural home buyers find not only a home that they love, but a community in which they can feel comfortable and welcome,” said William Lau, President of the Living Group of Companies.

“The City of Markham has nurtured an inclusive and vibrant community, making it a wonderful city for members of any cultural background to call home.”

Statistics Canada’s National Household Survey is currently the most comprehensive source of statistical information on Canadian families. You can view more detailed survey results on Markham and other communities on the survey’s official website.

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