Tis the Season to give, donate to these 5 Toronto charities this holiday season.

‘Tis the Season to Give

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Spring may be the season to clean, but the winter holidays are the season to give. If you are moving this winter, or simply want to declutter your home, there is no better place for your once-beloved items than a new home with people in need. Finding local charities may be difficult, but Toronto has a vast number of notable organizations that are definitely worth your small acts of kindness this holiday season.

‘Tis the Season to Give to these 5 Toronto Charities:

  1. Yonge Street Mission – an organization that helps those living in poverty set up their lives for success. YSM helps impoverished adults, street-involved youth, families, and more by guiding them on their journey from ‘surviving to thriving.’ If you have lightly used clothes, bags, or shoes, you can simply drop them off at 310 Gerrard Street.
  2. Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign – an organization where you can donate lightly used purses and bags filled with feminine hygiene products to help women in crisis. Fill a Purse has multiple locations across Ontario, making drop-off even easier if you are coming from the outskirts of Toronto.
  3. Just Junk – Why hire movers to trash your perfectly fine furniture when you can hire Just Junk? They will remove your furniture for lower prices than your local movers and ensure it gets to local charity or those in need. They have multiple workers across Ontario who will gladly assist in finding your furniture a new home.
  4. Guitar for Kids Toronto – an organization that fosters young minds by bringing the magic of music to underprivileged youth. By donating a guitar, you will be contributing to the growth of a child’s mind and musical abilities. Guitar for Kids not only ensures your instrument will find its way into the hands of a deserving child but also provides guitar lessons on a volunteer basis. When donating your guitar, you can also consider volunteering your time to enrich young minds.
  5. Dress Your Best – a clothing drive dedicated to men’s clothing and accessories suitable for professional endeavors. Dress Your Best will make sure your clothes end up in the hands of those taking steps to better their lives.

As the winter chill breezes across Toronto, let the warmth of giving guide your actions this holiday season. Whether you’re relocating or just seeking to declutter, Toronto offers multiple organizations to help you spread joy through charitable acts. This 2023 holiday season, let your generosity shine through, making a positive impact on lives while finding new homes for your once-beloved items. Embrace the spirit of giving, and let the season be truly merry for all.

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